RFL Web Do | RFL Web Do BD: how to use? get direct link (www rfl web do)

RFL Web Do made simple to buy products for PRAN-RFL dealers. if you are a dealer or SR, this article is specially for you. if you read whole article carefully you can learn everything about "RFL Web Do". I bereave that after reading this article, you will be able to create order using RFL Web Do.
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What is RFL Web Do?

RFL Web Do is a online platform, developed by  PRAN-RFL group for dealers. if you are a dealer of PRAN-RFL group you can manage your order using RFL Web Do. you can make Order Entry as your requirements and then you should activated order. after activating your order, it will be placed for manage. if there everything are okay, your order will be proceed. 

there are many stapes to complete an order on RFL Web Do. all procedure will be discussed in detail step by step below. so if you want to know everything about RFL Web Do, you should read this article carefully. after reading this article, you will be able to create and manage an order. 

RFL Web Do: functions

there are many functions in RFL Web Do. each functions will be described here in detail. I bereave that, if you read these information carefully, you can learn everything about RFL Web Do, and can use this website properly. lets see the functions of RFL Web Do

  • Order Entry.
  • Active Order.
  • product info.
  • Undelivered.
  • Damage entry.
  • Damage Approve status.
  • MR status.
  • Cancel do.
  • Hidden do.
  • Incentive offer.
  • Complain.
  • Change password.
  • Log out.

RFL Web Do balance check

when you open RFL Web Do website, you will see at first the Balance option. if you want to know your current balance you have to click on it. after clicking, you will see your current balance. remember that if your balance are shown with minus sign (-123456789), that means you can buy products using this balance. but if your balance are shown without minus sign (123456789), that means you have to pay that amount.  

RFL Web Do: how to use?

At first you have to go to Google.com and then write on search bar "RFL Web Do" or "www rfl web do" then press enter. after clicking enter button there will be appear a new window like below. then click on highlighted link. 

RFL Web Do: inter into account

After clicking this link, a new window will open in front of you like below. and you have to fill blank boxes with valid information and then click log in. after clicking log in a new interface will be open in front of you.  

How to create Order Entry on RFL Web Do?

after opening new window you will see a list of functions. from there you have to select the first one "Order Entry" and click on it. After clicking on it, new another window will be open in front of you. 

here you can manage your order. At first you have to enter product item cods. So select your demanded products and inter the code of products. And then enter the quantity. How many or how much products do you need, here you have to enter that. If you want you can add some additional note. After completing listing you have to click on "save" button. When you click on "save" another new window will be opened in front of you. 
When you clicked on "save" button, and order have been created. Order details admin sound below. If you want you can product item and quantity more. If everything is okay, you can activate this order. After activating order, your order will be delivered to company. And then they observe and complete the order. Now we have to know that, how can we activate order. Activation process are shown below. 

How to activate order on RFL Web Do?

Without activating order you will not get products, because without activating order, disorder will not go to the company. So it is very important to activate order. Now we are going to see how to activate order in RFL Web Do. So let's see. To activate order you have to click on "Activate all" when you click on "Activate all" your order will be activate and it will be sent for processing. After processing you will get products. 

RFL Web Do BD - www rfl web do link

Here you will get www rfl web do link or RFL Web Do BD directly. Clicking this link you can be entered direct to the RFL Web Do BD website. After entering this website you can do everything which was shown above. So if you want to enter RFL Web Do BD click here

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